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Eric has been a lover and protector of animals since he was a child. Always looking out for the animals best interest, Eric has followed a plant based diet for almost 20 years and is an advocate of faux fur and faux leather products.

Eric actively volunteers at several animal rescue organizations in the

Los Angeles area that are near and dear to his heart:
























Kitt Krusaders is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization that serves sunny Los Angeles California! We network and rescue cats and kittens from the high kill L.A. City shelters as well as the streets to save them from being killed. We keep tabs on who is in the most danger, get them to the vet, match them up with foster and adopters and give them a second chance at a happy life. 

LA Guinea Pig Rescue is the largest guinea pig welfare organization in the USA. LA Guinea Pig Rescue serves Los Angeles City, County and surrounding cities. LAGPR offers rescue, sanctuary and adoption services as well as free wellness checks, nail clips, knowledgable  advice and ongoing support to all guinea pigs and their owners. LAGPR also operates a sanctuary for nonsocial and extra-large South American Cuy guinea pigs currently sold in National pet store chains, that are not suited for life as a pet due to their size, strength and fear of humans.

Cavy Haven is a non-profit organization dedicated to rehoming guinea pigs in Southern California. We rescue abandoned guinea pigs from shelters in Orange and Los Angeles counties. We also promote proper cavy care and adoption through community outreach.

Rocky Ridge Rescue's goal is to educate the  public about adopting a compassionate lifestyle and responsibly helping as many animals as we can. Sometimes that means we need to offer a temporary place to live until a permanent home can be found, long term sanctuary and hospice care for elderly animals. Our primary focus is on dogs of all breeds and horses of all breeds, although we do have donkeys, goats, sheep, pot bellied pigs and chickens as well.

Get an AUTOGRAPHED picture of


while helping save innocent cats and kittens

from unthinkable conditions

Eric teamed up with his friends at Kitt Crusaders for a photo shoot to help raise money for their life saving programs. For $25, you can have your very own personalized, autographed 8"x10" photo of Eric with one of the adorable kitten rescues from Kitt Crusaders!

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